Go Docs

import "github.com/robfig/revel"


The Revel Web Framework lives in a single Go package. The godocs have been separated by file in order to group related functionality.

Common request processing
controller - The request context and factory functions for Results.
http - HTTP Request and response wrappers.
router - Routes requests to a controller action.
params - Parameter parsing and handling.
binder - Parses go objects from http parameters
validation - Validates request data.
validators - Default validators.
session - Manage the session cookie.
flash - Manage the flash cookie.
results - Produces http responses.
template - Finds, loads, and provides templates.
field - Template helper for input fields.
intercept - Interceptor definition and configuration.
i18n - Internationalization framework.
tests - Testing framework support.
Configuration and Libraries
revel - Basic configuration and access to app.conf.
filter - The default filter chain.
filterconfig - Action-specifc filter configuration.
config - Configuration file interface (application.conf).
errors - Pretty error pages.
libs - Various libraries (crypto).
invoker - Terminal filter that invokes user actions.
compress - Filter that compresses HTTP response.
panic - Filter that wraps panic error into 500 HTTP response.
server - Interface to the go http server.
util - Random utility functions.
watcher - Watches files (Go code, templates, and routes).