Modules are packages that can be plugged into an application. They allow sharing of controllers, views, assets, and other code between multiple Revel applications or from third-party sources.

The module should have the same layout as a Revel application. The “hosting” application will merge it in as follows:

  1. Any templates in module/app/views will be added to the Template Loader search path
  2. Any controllers in module/app/controllers will be treated as if they were in your application
  3. The assets are made available, via a route action of the form Static.ServeModule("modulename","public")
  4. Routes can be included in your application with a route line of module:modulename

Enabling a module

In order to add a module to your app, add a line to app.conf:

module.mymodulename = go/import/path/to/module

An empty import path disables the module:

module.mymodulename =

For example, to enable the test runner module:

module.testrunner =